Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So yesterday, I was browsing the local FreeCycle and found someone giving away a sewing cabinet. I just recently bought one (that came with a bonus sewing machine that runs beautifully!) but it was the wrong size opening for my moms Kenmore. So I go pick it up, and it is PERFECT! I had to drill a hole in it for the attaching screw because the others were in the wrong place, but whoopie!!! So, now I have 4 sewing machines. 2 Kenmores and 2 Brothers. 3 of them can embroider, the latest addition is super heavy duty, all metal and can sew leather! I must reorganize my sewing/craft room so I can get one of them out of the living room.

And today is just a gorgeous day! Started out in the upper 30's (YIKES) which set a record for us in TN, and the temp is climbing, supposed to hit 77 degrees! I smell a barbeque in my future!

And thanks to my friends at CAP, I've become addicted to hexagons! I sat last night with 2 tank tops I made myself that are way too small and cut out probably 100 hexies. We are hoping to go up to MI to visit family in June and this will be my take a long project for the 12 hour trip.

All for now, may add more later.


  1. What the heck is a hexagon?!

  2. a hexagon is a six sided figure. I made a template from stiff cardboard and traced a gagillion of them, now basting them into shape, pressing and then will stitch them all together. I traced and cut so many for the trip...handwork keeps me busy so the trip isn't so tedious.