Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So yesterday, I was browsing the local FreeCycle and found someone giving away a sewing cabinet. I just recently bought one (that came with a bonus sewing machine that runs beautifully!) but it was the wrong size opening for my moms Kenmore. So I go pick it up, and it is PERFECT! I had to drill a hole in it for the attaching screw because the others were in the wrong place, but whoopie!!! So, now I have 4 sewing machines. 2 Kenmores and 2 Brothers. 3 of them can embroider, the latest addition is super heavy duty, all metal and can sew leather! I must reorganize my sewing/craft room so I can get one of them out of the living room.

And today is just a gorgeous day! Started out in the upper 30's (YIKES) which set a record for us in TN, and the temp is climbing, supposed to hit 77 degrees! I smell a barbeque in my future!

And thanks to my friends at CAP, I've become addicted to hexagons! I sat last night with 2 tank tops I made myself that are way too small and cut out probably 100 hexies. We are hoping to go up to MI to visit family in June and this will be my take a long project for the 12 hour trip.

All for now, may add more later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OOps. and other happenings

So, Sorry to have disappeared for a bit, my laptop had an unfortunate run in that involved a terrier, a cat and a large glass of water. Lets just say, I'm SUPER happy I took out accidental coverage on my warranty!
So, I can't update as often because the desktop is in the craftroom that I don't get to spend enough time in. I've been taking my projects out to the kitchen or living room so I can keep an eye on things, kids and pets.
I'm currently finishing up a contour and regular pressing ham and pressing roll so I can get nicer seams on my projects. They go together easily enough...but getting the sawdust to fill those little corners and crannies is a pain! I sprinkled some lavendar oil in the sawdust a week or so ago and it smells SOOOO nice now.
I'll post pics when I can. We are heading up to the park with the kiddies later, the sun finally came out. Gonna be a beautiful week, but warmer and warmer every day. Since Noah doesn't sweat at all and I over do it I would rather spend the 65 degree day out than the 80+ degree ones.

Anyway...all is well...kids are good, we are good...and happy.

I'm thankful for all my family, friends and blessings.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hannah is HOME!!!

Praise God she is doing great, toddling around and back to her beautiful sweet self. The surgeon cleaned out the wound, irrigated it well and inserted a drain which has to remain for 3 days total. They are still wanting an MRI to figure out why this happened because of the area being so difficult to reach (her buttcrack)
Mommy and daughter are home, recovering from the hospital routine.

Thank you all for the prayers and kind words. She is so precious and I know her mommy was petrified. It really stinks being so far from them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you Lord!!

My Hannah is safely out of surgery and doing alright. She was a bit loopy but is more herself now. They did the procedure right in the ER with mommy present and everything. They are running a culture but the pediatrician had already ran one so those results will be in probably Monday. She will be discharged tomorrow with MEGA Antibiotics.

Thank you for all the prayers. My sweet baby girl was SO worried about HER baby girl...and what a way for Hannahs daddy to spend his birthday!


So, I know that to worry is a waste. I know to trust in the Lord with all my heart...but my Hannah is getting ready for surgery right now and I'm so SO worried. She has an abcess in her little booty crack, over her tail bone and they are running a culture to see if it is MRSA. I get MRSA infections all the time and they are NO FUN! Mine are usually left open tho and hers is going to be cleaned and sutured shut, probably because of the area.

Anyway...any extra prayers anyone has would be so greatly appreciated. I'm waitin on news. 700+ miles away from her and my baby girl. This is too much for a 1 year old.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, I'm here.

And while I promise myself, and anyone who wants to follow this, that I will post regularly and share my thoughts and daily happenings, I usually fail! LOL!

So, a tad about me and my lifes goings ons.

I'm married to my soul mate, Chris. In August we will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. We have 7 children. 2 girls followed by 5 boys. Our older kids are...well...older! 18-27 years old. Our 2 youngest are 5 and 7. We also have 4 beautiful granddaughters, 3 of whom are older than our youngest 2 boys! See what kind of ride you are in for here?

I love crafting of all sorts. I scrapbook, sew, embroider by hand (want to learn to use my machine but I'm afraid! LOL) , quilt, crochet, loom knit, dabble in photography, cook, bake, garden and whatever else I can find to try out. I'm fairly decent at sewing, made a couple prom dresses and they turned out gorgeous, tho they did turn me off taffeta and tulle @@
I adore roses and grow them well, tho have none at the moment due to the 20something trees in the yard blocking out the sun they adore.

We live in Clarksville, TN now. I do love it here...but really REALLY miss Mount Sterling, Kentucky. My DH and I were born, raised, married and raised our 5 oldest in Roseville, Michigan but the economic situation forced us to abandon our home there and move to Kentucky. I quickly adapted (about 3 days) and discovered that I am a country girl at heart. I loved watching the cows and horses in the farmers field across from our house. The smell of fresh mown hay and fresh turned soil was the predominant fragrance no matter where in town you were, even the WalMart parking lot. The stars...billions and billions of stars there for the looking.

There are many things to love about our present home tho. We have deer, single and pairs and herds that wander thru our yard. Wild turkeys entertain us almost daily. The birds are so very colorful and the squirrels love playing in the front yard just to make our terrier a nervous yapping wreck.

I don't miss Michigan. Roseville has turned to a concrete jungle and the only time you smell something good is when your neighbor does a load of laundry.

yes, I'm a country girl. A regular old Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, June Cleaver type. Minus the skirts and ultra tidy appearance and million dollar mansion of course. But Hey....I'm only human.

More later...