Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Horrified

That Casey Maria Anthony was found NOT guilty.   I can't believe this....

That poor baby...those who know the truth will rot in the 5th circle of Hell I'm sure.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

ugh. sick of snow

I know I've been AOL...but it's tough to focus on posting on a blog when the kids are SO INCREDIBLY BORED!!!   Trying to play with them, dance with them, get them involved in cleaning up this disaster area! LOL!   Not working well tho.  
I promise, I have a few ideas for posts and will get to them, one hopefully this weekend.  I'm designing a new pattern for a leather thimble and I hope it turns out.  I'm having issues with the blunt end of the needle finding the same hole in my middle finger over and over again.  My finger is really sore, a bit swollen and hot!   I'm diabetic so have to be very careful about such things...and it is hard to sew with a bulbous finger!
I made a few pincushions the other night, I'm quite pleased with them.  Will have pics...soon.

More later...Noah is banging his head on the wall...and he gets those lumps from head boo boos!  SO, gotta scoot.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

another year gets going ramblings

So, here we are, 6 days into the New Year!  Christmas decorations are put away, at least for the most part, Chris is back to work, the boys are back to school and my house is quiet during the day.  That is, unless I crank up the tunes.  Last month, as a gift to each other, Chris and I found a deal on Craigslist for a 5 disc dvd/cd home theater system.  Our old one died about a year ago and movies just aren't the same without it now.  Especially those movies that are so soft spoken you have to sit on top of the tv to hear.
So I've been dusting off my CD collection.   Yesterday was Rhett Atkins, Kenny Chesney, Barry Manilow and Ricky Van Shelton,  today, I'm still unsure of.   I have the Today show on now, and later we have an endocrinology appointment for Noah.  His first since his diagnosis and hospitalization.  Then, tomorrow Chris has a floating holiday which means ALONE TIME!!!  We are really looking forward to a quiet house, just the 2 of us.  Maybe we'll do lunch somewhere, maybe eat peanut butter and jelly while watching an old movie marathon...but will probably get those things done you just can't do with kids underfoot.   Like removal of 2 tons of toys from their closet!!!!
I'm slowly but surely getting my sewing/craft room in order.   I need some shelves for the walls and a couple poster frames to add some storage and prettify the walls.   I really don't know why rentals come in this NASTY baby poo colored flatter than flat paint.  The paint washes off the walls within seconds, so we have pale patches everywhere...we are seriously contemplating painting here...which will come out of our security deposit if we don't stay more than 2 years...but I think it will be worth it.  2 boys can wreck a wall in no time flat.  It doesn't seem they ever walk down the hall without dragging their hand along.
So...I'm trying to lose weight.  I figure if I keep blogging about this, it'll keep me honest...but seriously, who am I kidding.   Chris is a night time muncher...and is turning me into one too.   I can't help it, he starts with the chips and doritos...and I'm done for.   Altho usually a handful is all I take.  Last night tho was potato skins.   With oodles of melted cheese, bacon bits, salsa and low fat sour cream.   MMMM....they were very tasty, but a bit heavy for 9:15 in the evening.  Especially when I hit the hay around 10:30.
Does anyone have any suggestions for crunchy, tasty snacks for the evening?  I'd love to hear about them.