Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you Lord!!

My Hannah is safely out of surgery and doing alright. She was a bit loopy but is more herself now. They did the procedure right in the ER with mommy present and everything. They are running a culture but the pediatrician had already ran one so those results will be in probably Monday. She will be discharged tomorrow with MEGA Antibiotics.

Thank you for all the prayers. My sweet baby girl was SO worried about HER baby girl...and what a way for Hannahs daddy to spend his birthday!


  1. Hi Cindy! Praise God for His tender mercies & grace! Your little grandbaby girl is a beauty!

  2. Please keep us all informed and know that there are others sending thoughts and prayers always for you and your family. Praise and thanks abound! Please do share your own story. We have all heard of MRSA but do not always understand its symptoms and triggers. Was Hannah's bacteria similar?

  3. MRSA can present many different ways. Mine comes up as deep boil like sores that have to be surgically drained. I get them mostly in my armpits from shaving (but who wants to stop that?) and lately, got one from a tick bite. I have heard that Tea Tree Oil kills the bacteria and have added TTO to all my soap and shampoo. It didn't have an effect on the tick bite but all else seems good.