Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June Everyone!

Noah started his summer program today. Daddy dropped him off and said he had to fight the urge to go back and grab him back up. No familiar faces there and we get icky in the stomach in situations like that. It sucks to HAVE to trust someone, but to be so darn afraid of trusting. I SO wish Noah could talk!
In other news...

A few minutes ago, I was standing in the kitchen ironing my shirt and heard Zelda growling. Now, blowing leaves have been known to threaten our well being (according to Zelda anyways) so I didn't pay much mind. After a few minutes tho, I turned to tell her to quiet down...and there, standing about 20 feet from the side living room door/window, was a gorgeous doe. Munching on the leaves and honeysuckle along the drive. So awesome. We watched her for several minutes, laughing at her ears pricking up at each bark from Zel. Then she scampered off across the street.

I heard from the repair place about my laptop. It is being replaced. It will be a refurbished Gateway...marginally better than the Acer I had with double the harddrive and 3X the memory...but Gateways have issues. Hopefully I will get lucky and it will be a fine machine.

I want to get outside and take some pics today...but the temps are headed to the 90's. And I don't do well in the heat! I also want to get some pics of the Pincushion I finished made from some leftover fabric from my sewing room set I made myself in April. It was my first journey into the land of hexagons...and while the side seams are a bit wonky...I love it. Nice a big and stuffed just right. If I ever finish cleaning my craft/sewing room, I will get a picture of the entire ensemble!

All for now...just wanted to let ya'll know I'm still kickin here in Tennessee!

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  1. Aloha Cindy! Just stopping by to see how you're enjoying the summer so far! Take care!