Sunday, May 17, 2009

OOps. and other happenings

So, Sorry to have disappeared for a bit, my laptop had an unfortunate run in that involved a terrier, a cat and a large glass of water. Lets just say, I'm SUPER happy I took out accidental coverage on my warranty!
So, I can't update as often because the desktop is in the craftroom that I don't get to spend enough time in. I've been taking my projects out to the kitchen or living room so I can keep an eye on things, kids and pets.
I'm currently finishing up a contour and regular pressing ham and pressing roll so I can get nicer seams on my projects. They go together easily enough...but getting the sawdust to fill those little corners and crannies is a pain! I sprinkled some lavendar oil in the sawdust a week or so ago and it smells SOOOO nice now.
I'll post pics when I can. We are heading up to the park with the kiddies later, the sun finally came out. Gonna be a beautiful week, but warmer and warmer every day. Since Noah doesn't sweat at all and I over do it I would rather spend the 65 degree day out than the 80+ degree ones.

Anyway...all is are good, we are good...and happy.

I'm thankful for all my family, friends and blessings.

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