Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, I know that to worry is a waste. I know to trust in the Lord with all my heart...but my Hannah is getting ready for surgery right now and I'm so SO worried. She has an abcess in her little booty crack, over her tail bone and they are running a culture to see if it is MRSA. I get MRSA infections all the time and they are NO FUN! Mine are usually left open tho and hers is going to be cleaned and sutured shut, probably because of the area.

Anyway...any extra prayers anyone has would be so greatly appreciated. I'm waitin on news. 700+ miles away from her and my baby girl. This is too much for a 1 year old.

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  1. Hannah is a beautiful little girl and I cannot even begin to imagine the challenges parents and grandparents face when their loved one's health and happiness is threatened. My prayers fly out to all of you!God Bless!