Saturday, February 27, 2010

feeling poopy STINK! I rarely get them, maybe 1 every 2 or 3 years...but when I do, they knock my back on my butt! I'm on the tail-end of this one, and it could be over ANY time now!

Simon...this poor kid has had quite a bad way of things. December had him down with pneumonia. Then January brought H1N1 to his puny little self. February socked him with Strep throat. He lost a few pounds, and stays so dark under his eyes, but is full of fire and rottenness...God bless little boys!

Noah has this recurring sinus infection. His little face is so red and chapped anyway because of the excema but now his nose has joined in. He looks like a little elf. He remains a sunny beam in our days tho. Nothing keeps this kid down for very long.

Chris is busy with his studies. He is in the second month of a 10 month course for Computer Tech. He is doing well, tho he had a hard time getting back into study mode after 30 years of no school.

I'm getting ready to post up a TON of new items on my check me out! I have discovered I LOVE beading, and adding beads to my crochet work. And with Prom and Wedding season fast approaching, I'm hoping my items fly!

All for now.