Friday, January 14, 2011

ugh. sick of snow

I know I've been AOL...but it's tough to focus on posting on a blog when the kids are SO INCREDIBLY BORED!!!   Trying to play with them, dance with them, get them involved in cleaning up this disaster area! LOL!   Not working well tho.  
I promise, I have a few ideas for posts and will get to them, one hopefully this weekend.  I'm designing a new pattern for a leather thimble and I hope it turns out.  I'm having issues with the blunt end of the needle finding the same hole in my middle finger over and over again.  My finger is really sore, a bit swollen and hot!   I'm diabetic so have to be very careful about such things...and it is hard to sew with a bulbous finger!
I made a few pincushions the other night, I'm quite pleased with them.  Will have pics...soon.

More later...Noah is banging his head on the wall...and he gets those lumps from head boo boos!  SO, gotta scoot.

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  1. I never could use a thimble much to my mom's dismay- just dealt with the hole in the finger when I manage to have time to you tat at all? I never learned and I have mom's shuttle, etc if you're interested? Just can't part with it to anyone, want to know it's going to a good home- and you definitely qualify :) Let me know-hope the snow melts so the kids can get out and about!