Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Official

We are moving to the southeast end of Tennessee. Chris starts his new job June 14. We are busy looking for a place to live. We like the rural type and don't want to be looking into a neighbors house when we look out our windows. I really love the mountains and hope to find a place where we can watch the sun rise or set over the Smokies.
The kids are out of school May 24th so this makes it nice so we can move and be settled into a new home before daddy leaves for the day.
We've been trying to prepare Simon for this...he is such a creature of habit tho. School will start up again beginning of August so we are gonna spend evenings and weekends exploring our new neighborhood and all of the Chattanooga area.
Christopher wants to remain here...but needs to buy a car first. He has a possible lead to a decent one for $450 from a friends we've been trying to get him some odd jobs so he can get it.

In other news, I cannot BELIEVE that Danas wedding is so quickly approaching! I'm fighting the pounds but since being diagnosed with diabetes a month ago have lost 10 lbs just by avoiding carbs and "white". I want to lose another 35-40 pounds before the wedding in September, so we started a morning walking routine and strive for 10,000 steps a day. I'm going to add some strength training in this week. Shouldn't be too difficult since I have all this packing and sorting and organizing to do for the move...right?

Ok...all for now...

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